Guaracilei Maciel Vidigal Junior

Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien

Clinical case description:

In this clinical case, the distal root of the resected second molar showed an endo-perio lesion with severe bone loss; the distal implant showed a severe bone loss; and the distal surface of the second implant showed advanced bone loss. After the removal of the distal root of the second molar and the distal implant, the area was grafted with Geistlich Bio-Oss® and covered with an e-PTFE membrane. And after 1-year, at the reentry surgery, complete bone regeneration was achieved for implant placement and complete regeneration of the distal aspect of the second implant. After 2 years, in the maintenance appointment, the peri-implant mucosa showed a healthy condition and the crestal marginal bone was stable..