Ricardo Bonilha

Franca, Brasilien

Clinical case description:

Patient is toothless in the full upper jaw. Oral rehabilitation with implants. When applying a 3D computed tomography we realize that bone availability was not sufficient for implant placement. (Photo 1). We used the bone substitute Geistlich Bio-Oss® and the membrane Geistlich Bio-Gide®. Maxillary Sinus floor elevation and block graft in the anterior region (Photo 2). The choice of the material and execution of this technique was based on the extensive literature that the material presents and was based on the quality of the material. After nine months implants were installed and the following procedures was the rehabilitation protocol with ceramic type prosthesis. (Photo 3). Termination with clinical follow up after 6 months (Photo 4).

<p>Initial Tomography</p>

Initial Tomography

<p>Steps of Oral Rehabilitation</p>

Steps of Oral Rehabilitation


							<p>Initial Tomography</p>


							<p>Steps of Oral Rehabilitation</p>